Product & Process Design

Research and Development  is our passion at UMW ADVANTECH. Our state-of-the-art facilities together with our dedicated team of designers continuously strive for superior performance, as well as crafting enhanced quality products. We employ advanced design software such as CATIA , AutoCAD, Finite Element Analysis, COSMOS, and SolidWorks.

The design and development activities comply with Advance Product Quality Planning (APQP) in ISO/TS16949:2002.

Verification / Validation

As we always strive for the highest quality, verification and validation play an important role in our processes. Products are tested and evaluated to achieve the optimal quality, reliability, durability and performance requirements. Engineering trials are conducted to verify and validate products and activities with defined requirements.

Prototype and Tooling Fabrication

Our Tool Shop is equipped with Computer Numerical Control  (CNC) machines for dying, moulding and tools fabrication. We employ styling-prototyping concept where prototypes are produced for evaluation purposes during development process.

Mass Production

Our Production Plant is equipped with up-to-date equipment and employ advanced manufacturing techniques. With ISO/TS16949:2002 quality system certification, our products  are manufactured under strict and comprehensive quality controls. We conduct continuous  improvement activities internally and supported by our OEM partner’s Vendor Partnership Programs, Toyota Production System (TPS) and 5S.


UMW ADVANTECH has the storage capacity for both finished goods and raw materials, thereby supporting our commitment to deliver to our key customers in full on time, all the time.

Laboratory and Research Development

UMW ADVANTECH SDN. BHD. focuses on constantly unlocking new technology towards improving our products to meet future requirements. We continue to deliver world class products through our modern laboratory and research infrastructure. The best manufacturing practices have become our guidance in operating our laboratory and research facilities to ensure that the quality of our manufactured products meets international specifications and standards.

We believe, by employing optimal standards of manufacturing practices we will consistently meet and exceed our customer’s expectations.

Hence, we are proud to receive various critical standards and quality awards for manufacturing quality products.