We design and engineer high quality plastic products as part of the primary components for the manufacture of their cars, consistently ensuring that every part produced meets their highly stringent quality requirements.

Cam Cover or Cylinder Head Cover

The cylinder head  is located above the cylinders on top of the cylinder block. It houses the valves, oil filler cap, fuel injectors and spark plugs.

Air Intake Manifold

Part of an engine that supplies mixture of fuel and air to the cylinders. The manifold collects the exhaust gases from multiple cylinders into a smaller number of pipes to streamline and channel the air intake from the Air Cleaner to the engine combustion chamber via respective ports.

Charcoal Canister

Captures potentially harmful emissions from the car’s engine and prevents them from being released into the environment. Charcoal or carbon are filled in the canister as a medium to absorb the moisture and purge it. It is designed to prevent the release of volatile organic compounds from the car’s fuel system.

Integrated Air Cleaner Assembly

The complete set of Air Cleaner Assy with the Air Duct, Hose, Zip Tube and Resonator. It functions to filtrate the outside air intake from dust and minute particles, so that clean air will be delivered to the engine.